Oak partly trimmed from the twisted log. By this kind of cutting we achieve clean surfaces of high cover width. After the log cut we get the first clean side boards with the beautiful flat structure, also called crown in England.

In the further process, still before the heart of the log, the log is now turned on the log band saw by a ¼ turn. Now the first hemmed edge results. In the sawn timber picture we now see again wide clean flat panels with a hemmed edge. Here the processor can put in the cut to size.

Flat cut | flader cut | side goods A - 100% FSC certified wood from HUGO KÄMPF

The oak packages are sorted according to length and cut on both sides. For a gentle air drying we stack the oak boards exactly on top of each other and in packages of the same height. Tightly placed and under a roof, the flat cut boards have an excellent pre-drying climate. In order to optimise stability as well as colour, we do not put the lumber into technical wood drying until it has reached the fibre saturation point (28 – 30 % HF). Then we dry the oak in the modern vacuum drying to 8 – 10 % HF.

From each wood package we randomly check the interior condition and colour of the chamber-dried oak planks on the circular re-sawing saw.

Due to this process you can be sure to buy only perfect oak planks in our oak sawmill Main Spessart. We will be happy to answer your questions personally at any time. If you already know exactly what you need for your project, you can order oak planks with flat sawn timber directly from us and buy them online.