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Hundrets of years old, as authentic as new – our OAK sawn timber shows how attractive sustainability. Selection OAK flat cut OAK crown cut, also with the seal FSC 100%!

Our product oak flat cut / oak crown cut:

Oak boards 7
Cutting thickness: 7 mm
Length: 2.000 mm – 6.000 mm
Log size: diameter 4.th class +

Oak boards 27
Cutting thickness: 27 mm
Length: 2.000 mm – 6.000 mm
Log size: diameter 4.th class +

OAK flat cut- boards & planks

Oak boards 33
Cutting thickness: 33 mm
Length: 2.000 mm – 6.000 mm
Log size: diameter 4.th class +

OAK flat cut- boards & planks and Hugo Kämpf

Oak boards 35
Cutting thickness: 35 mm
Length: 2.000 mm – 6.000 mm
Log size: diameter 4.th class +

Oak plank 40
Cutting thickness: 40 mm
Length: 2.000 mm – 6.000 mm
Log size: diameter 4.th class +

Oak plank 52
Cutting thickness: 52 mm
Length: 2.000 mm – 6.000 mm
Log size: diameter 4.th class +

Our oak flat cut is sustainable with FSC®

PEFC, FSC certified wood, timber trade, Hugo Kämpf

OAK is sustainable – We source our OAK from sustainable and well-managed forests in Europe, as we are certified according to the strict rules of FSC and PEFC. OAK has a perfect energetic balance, since we pre-dry our oaks in the air over many years, we use very little energy.

The advantage of OAK flat cut/crown cut:

  • Quality selection of logs Thicknesses from 7mm and 27 – 52 mm
  • Same color and structur
  • 2 years pre drying under roof
  • Vacuum dried in modern vacuum tecnik
  • FSC® FSC 100% , PEFC 100 %
  • Selected to length
  • Large selection
  • No volume limit


flat cut

Oak sidewood from large logs. In this selection OAK flat cut/crwon cut we take only the side boards of a log. In this form there is no medullary rays shown. No straight grain.

The edge of the tree shows a heava wane. The difficult part of drying the flat cut boards is the surface without cracks. A very carefully predrying under roof and the modern vaccumdrying allowes us a gently kiln-dried result.

The oak sawn timber produced from the flat cut/crown cut OAK board shows the unique view. The finished piece of furniture, the high-quality floorboards, or the wall cladding in its perfect look.

The right treatment makes the quality

The oak packages are sorted according to length and cut on both sides. For a gentle air drying we stack the oak boards exactly on top of each other and in packages of the same height. Tightly placed and under a roof, the flat cut boards have an excellent pre-drying climate. In order to optimise stability as well as colour, we do not put the lumber into technical wood drying until it has reached the fibre saturation point (28 – 30 % HF). Then we dry the oak in the modern vacuum drying to 8 – 10 % HF.

From each wood package we randomly check the interior condition and colour of the chamber-dried oak planks on the circular re-sawing saw.

Due to this process you can be sure to buy only perfect oak planks in our oak sawmill Main Spessart. We will be happy to answer your questions personally at any time.

OAK is aesthetics and an affordable luxury

Oak flat cut mirror

OAK is strong – tough, reliable, OAK is flexible and as it dries and ages, OAK actually becomes stronger and more brilliant.

Oak is authentic – unlike most other woods and methods, you can see and feel the beautiful natural surface in your furniture.

OAK is flexible – OAK furniture offers great potential and architectural adaptability. OAK furniture combines very well with local shell limestone, leather or steel. Fits very well with modern living styles.

We supply OAK flat cut

You can buy OAK flat cut directly from our timber yard. Contact us!

OAK flat cut gallery:

OAK rift cut/quarter sawn

Oak rift cut sawn from the center of the logs only to get standing annual rings. The grain and strukture shows a straight line and the beautiful medullary rays, they appear as dadiating lines from the centre of the OAK log.

Oak square edged

The production of square edged OAK sawn timber is made on the modern band mill., only the best quality logs selected for this production.

OAK bouls/sawn through and through

OAK log sawn from first class OAK logs. In this selection you get unique color, fine structure and straight grain for your prime OAK furniture.

Smoked OAK/fumed OAK

In modern vakuum system with ammonia the European OAK gets a great brillance and an exceptionally beautiful dark color. The beauty of this smoked OAK is sustainable and long-lasting.

OAK reclaimed/salvaged

Hundreds of years old OAK lumber – authentic as ever. How attractiv the upcycling is shows our new assortement „slavaged OAK“ New from the traditional OLD“

Live edge Oak boards

We store a large selection of OAK wood in big diameters with highly charakter. Each peace is unique. Along the edge the natural wane is shown.

OAK Saw veneer

his is a band mill sawn product. Produced from veneer quality OAK logs sawn in 7mm thickness. Beeing used for top layer flooring lamellas or for wall panels.