Oak rift cut is due to its stability and the simple straightforward wood structure.

Oak Rift semi-rift partially trimmed from quarter cut. Quarter or quarter sawn. The advantage of this grading of Oak Rift sawn lies in the stability and the simple straight-line wood structure. Only planks with standing annual rings are used, which can also show the beautiful grain of the mirror.

Improvement of the stability of the wood by rift cut

Rift cut | half rift cut - HUGO KÄMPF timber trade in Bavaria

The stability of a furniture panel, door frame or table top is significantly increased. Another serious advantage of producing rift planks with standing annual rings is that they are much less susceptible to cracking and are therefore very suitable for outdoor use. Only oak rift boards can withstand even strong sunlight or strong wind – without cracking.

Sorted by length, cut on both sides and stacked exactly on top of each other, the oak packages are stacked in packages of the same height for careful air drying. Under a roof, close together, the oak packages then have the perfect pre-drying climate. Before the fibre saturation point of 28 to 30 % HF is not reached, the technical drying of the lumber is not started in order to specify stability and colour. Afterwards we dry the oak in the modern vacuum drying to 8 – 10 % HF. At the re-cutting circular saw, we randomly check the interior condition and colour of the chamber-dried oak battens from each wood package. This ensures that you can only buy exemplary oak boards with rift cut at Hugo Kämpf.