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In search of something special, we keep our eyes open when selecting a truely unique wood. In our fast-moving digital age, imperishability and the desire for something special are slumbering within us.

Build your incomparable River table yourself with resin poured from tree planks that show exciting crevices, branches, adhesions and natural openings. We wish you much pleasure in your creative work. With a little bit of craftsmanship you can create a unique piece of furniture. There are no limits to creativity.

River Table, oak wood table top customized

Choose from different types of wood such as oak, wild oak, reclaimed oak, antique oak, smoked oak, elm, poplar burl. We have the right, expressive wood for you.

Extraordinary woods in connection with modern process engineering “Epoxi” can be manufactured excellently to an absolute eye-catcher. Dining tables, coffee tables, washstands to build yourself.


Nature is unique and beautiful. It is all-encompassing and in itself a work of art. (Patrick Krajinovic)

There are many terms for the Epoxi Table. The modern wood finishing with the material “epoxy”. The meaning is simple. Epoxy resins (EP resins) is synthetic resin. They are hardenable resins which are converted into a plastic with a hardener and, if necessary, other additives such as colour pigments, colour concentrates or colour pastes.