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In order to guarantee an optimal colour, European oaks are cut in winter. With great care, we sort the selected logs according to the best yield and produce them in a wide variety of varieties to produce sawn timber.

With the most modern log band saw technology, the high-quality oak logs are produced into sawn timber. Length, diameter, straightness and purity are the criteria of the final use.

There are different approaches to this. The traditional block cut, which enables the processor to reproduce the log sequence. The log-twisted cut, which allows the processor to achieve the highest possible and cleanest possible wide sides. The quarter cut, also called quarter or rift cut, produces a high proportion of standing annual rings.

The partially edged A-goods provide the basis for the production of parallel edged oak. Here 100% heart-free goods are sorted. Further criteria are the sharp edges and the purity of the individual boards.


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Our oak wood is already stabilized on the surface through pre-drying. This has a positive effect on the stability during production. We protect each layer of oak boards from wind and sun rays. In addition, each package of wood is permanently storaged under a roof. Now the gentle drying of the wood begins in a cool and humid climate. This occurs when large quantities of fresh wood are closely stacked.