We offer you a wide range of oak wood with rough edge, directly sawn from the trunk. Every single piece of wood individually and extraordinary. No wooden panel looks like the other. The wane reveals the “lifeline” of the natural growth of an oak tree. By not cutting this beautiful grown piece of wood, we leave this genuineness.

We recognize the trunk structure of the tree with its annual rings again by these individual pieces of furniture made of oak wood with tree edge. From the heart from the middle of the trunk plank, this is also called the soul of the tree, further outwards to the cored hardwood with its mirror shadows.

These are the sawed medullary rays, which are only found in oak. Over the light sapwood with partly pendant darker bast wood. Only the bark is removed here in the case of the oak with forest edge, this dries out and does not retain any connection to the edge of the oak tree.

Since time began, these extraordinary oak planks with tree-edge have always exerted a great fascination and attraction on people. This is due to the natural and living beauty of oak wood.

After the oak tree has been felled, this wood lives on – it creaks and cracks, it expands and contracts again. It lives. No other material lives with you in your home in the same way as a real oak with a false edge does.

Order here a noble piece of wood with live edge.