High quality oak saw veneer from one of the leading oak timber trade in Germany! Our oak comes from local forests, and we have been one of the first German wood suppliers to carry the “FSC® 100%” seal since 2004. Because only through sustainable forest management our forest or tree population remains healthy.

Saw veneer dimensions & cutting thicknesses:

  • Oak 7/8 mm thickness
  • Length from 3 to 15 m
  • Width up to 20 – 66 cm

Our saw veneer and their properties:

  • Oak sawn veneers
  • OAK lamella top layer of the flooring
  • Reclaimed oak sawn veneer
  • Oak rift cut / quarter sawn veneer
  • character grade oak saw veneer
  • Smoked oak saw veneer

Product features:

  • Rough sawn surface
  • kiln dry
  • sawn through and through
  • selected to width

We work for your individual project and select the right oak tree for you!


OAK saw veneer production

Oak sawn veneer is a band mill sawn product. Produced from veneer quality OAK logs sawn in 7/8 mm thickness. Well airdried with lots of sticks and carefully kiln dried to keep color and shape of the lamella in excellent quality.

By processing a large oak log into sawn veneer, it is possible to generate a much higher proportion of the yield from an oak tree. The valuable raw material of a veneer log quality is optimally used ecologically. Even the thin saw veneer of 7/8 mm gives the end product the real solid wood character, the rough cut surface gives the unique feel of a solid oak rough cut surface.

The sawn veneer is a product that is not only ideally for flooring, but can also be used optimally for wall cladding due to its weight ideally and easy to use

We supply saw veneer

Contact us for your individual project. We are happy to accompany you with our selection of OAK saw veneer for your extraordinary project and support you in finding good solutions. The success of a masterpiece gives us great pleasure.

Saw veneer gallery: